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SparkJump DIY Woodwork Kits and Children’s Gifts

DIY Woodwork Kits for Kids

Birdhouse Woodworking Kit

Birdhouse DIY Woodwork Kit
SparkJump’s DIY Birdhouse Woodworking kitis a perfect gift for any child or adult. Tired of your kid’s face being buried in a screen? Our  birdhouse woodwork kit is a perfect gift to get any kid mentally engaged. Our woodwork kits help develop lifelong skills and provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and build something that will last! Sparkjump’s  children’s woodworking kits come with real wood and no pre-drilled holes, allowing them to really develop some new skills. Made with cedar wood, these birdhouse kits are built to last for years outdoors! All of our products are built right here in the United States!


Our Birdhouse Woodworking Kits include:

  • Cedar shaker shingles
  • High-Quality wood glue
  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar pieces
  • Decorative half wood slices
  • Cedar handcrafted windows and chimney
  • 30 nails, eye hooks, and sandpaper pieces
  • Starter pack of Bird Feed


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Jr. Birdhouse Woodworking Kit 

Birdhouse kit for kids

 Our  Jr. Birdhouse Woodwork Kit is a fantastic gift for any child or student. Made in the United States, the wood is made of cedar and built to last for years outdoors! This is a fantastic gift for getting your child or students mentally engaged and developing new life-skills! This junior birdhouse  woodworking kit for children is a fantastic gift to introduce children to woodworking and is  tremendous in a classroom setting!


Our Junior Birdhouse Woodworking kits include:

  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar wood pieces
  • 60 ml paint set with 6 colors and 2 paint brushes
  • 4oz water resistant silicone wood glue
  • 30 nails, 2 eye hooks for hanging, and 1 oak perch
  • 2 pieces of sandpaper
  • Starter pack of bird feed
  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide


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Candy Tower Woodworking Kit for Kids

 Kids woodwork candy tower

 Made with real-high quality wood in the United States, this DIY Candy Dispenser is a fantastic gift for children or any age or gender! Children are able to learn valuable life skills while crafting this candy tower. An approved STEM teaching tool, the  SparkJump DIY Candy Dispenser woodwork kit is a tremendous introduction into crafts and woodwork for children of any age. All of our gifts provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and create something that will last for years!


Each Candy Tower Woodworking Kit includes:

  • A 16-ounce plastic mason jar
  • 30 nails
  • 16 natural wood pieces
  • Sandpaper pieces
  • A pack of starter candy


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Minifigure Shelf and Brick Building Tray


kids diy building tray

The SparkJump Brick Building Block Tray and Minifigure Shelf is a wonderful starter set for any child interested in woodwork. This  beginner woodwork kit allows any child to develop fantastic life-skill. Even better, the kit is compatible with Legos! Get your kids away from screens! This is an activity the entire family can do together!


Real Tool Kits for Kids

Kids Deluxe Tool Set with REAL Tools!

Looking for a great children’s gift? Look no further than the SparkJump Deluxe Kids Tool Set. Our kids tool set is made right here in the USA and is made with real steel and finished-chrome. These tools are durable and built to last! Our tool sets are water-resistant and the tool box is made from durable hard plastic. The tool belt is made with real leather and is adjustable for children of all sizes. 


The following tools are included in our Deluxe Kids Tool Set:

  • 11’ Claw Hammer
  • 10’ Tape Measure
  • 6” Pliers
  • 8” Philips screwdriver
  • 8” Flathead screwdriver
  • 8” Adjustable Wrench
  • 9” Magnetic Level
  • Safety Glasses
  • Plastic Tool Box with Handle
  • Genuine Leather Tool Belt



Kids Canvas Woodworking Apron

kids woodwork apron

The Sparkjump Kids Woodworking apron is made with durable leather and is built to last! Our aprons have pockets which are perfect for holding tools from our  childrens tool kit. Featuring a fully adjustable strap, this apron is perfect for any child up to age 12. Our kid’s aprons are designed to withstand any project your little one dreams up. Us as a kid cooking apron, art smock, or woodworking apron. Made with genuine leather and canvas, these aprons are not cheap toys! Let your child cook, paint, build, or grow without worrying. The fabulous apron allows your boys or girls to have fun without worrying about staining their clothes. These are great for independent play or working together on projects to learn new skills
Whether you buy it as a birthday or holiday gift, a project for  your maker space, workshop, or classroom, this apron will make any child feel just like mommy and daddy. This is a perfect gift for a busy boy or girl!
The apron features 3 waist pockets, 1-double-stitched leather hammer loops, and 1 bib pocket. 
Perfect for a Classroom, Camp, Parties, or Gift for a Child


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