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SparkJump Woodworking Kits for Children: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Children's Woodwork Questions

What ages are your woodworking kits best for?

We recommend our woodworking kits for ages 4 and up. We also highly recommend working alongside little ones to help with reading directions, nailing, sanding and painting. However, our woodworking kits are just for kids. Adults of all ages have been building too!

Do I need any experience to complete a SparkJump woodworking kit?

No experience needed. Our easy-to-follow color instructions will guide you right through the entire build process.

How can my child learn woodworking?

The best way to learn anything is to roll up your sleeves and dive in. Working side by side with your child will not only help reinforce positive bonds, but will also give them an up close view of the amazing world of woodworking. For example, we intentionally include real UNFINISHED wood in all our kits that need to be sanded smooth. Your child will see the transformation from rough to smooth, unfinished to finished and in the process of fun learn the basic fundamentals of woodworking.

What tools do I need for SparkFun woodworking kits?

Most of our woodworking kits just require a hammer, we provide all the nails, sandpaper, non-toxic silicone glue and even paint in some of our kits. Don’t have a hammer… we got you covered with our deluxe tool kit and leather tool belt.

How much do your children’s DIY birdhouse kits cost?

Prices vary from kit to kit, typically $30-$40. We work hard to keep costs down as much as possible with everchanging transportation and lumber prices. The truth is you can find cheeper projects out there, the problem is they are made from manufactured wood-like materials that are flimsy and breakable, not to mention made with dangerous chemicals. We take pride in purchasing our wood locally, cutting and milling in our woodshop and employing local craftsmen in the process. When you purchase a kit from SparkJumpyou are supporting craftsmen right here in the USA

What is included with your children’s birdhouse kit?

Our SparkJump Jr. Birdhouse kit comes with everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind birdhouse. We include 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar wood pieces, paint set with 6 colors and 2 paint brushes, 30 nails, non-toxic water resistant silicone wood glue, 2 eye hooks for hanging, 1 perch, sandpaper, starter pack of bird feed & our easy-to-follow instruction guide.

What is the difference between the birdhouse woodworking kit and the Jr. birdhouse woodworking kit?

Our original Birdhouse kit is a little taller and includes cedar shaker style shingles and cedar windows with natural wood slices. We decided to make a Jr. size that was slightly shorter and rather than the more intricate shingles and windows we include a set of paints and brushes. We recommend our original birdhouse for kids over 13 years old.

How long does it take to complete the Birdhouse woodwork kit?

The original birdhouse kit typically takes a few hours or more to build. We recommend taking your time, carefully sanding each piece for a finished look.

How long does it take to complete the Jr. Birdhouse woodwork kit?

The Jr. birdhouse kit typically takes an hour or more to build. We recommend taking you time as you sand each piece and paint the finished Jr. Birdhouse.

What is included with your Candy Tower Woodworking Kit?

Our Candy Tower kit includes a 16-ounce mason jar (plastic), 30 nails, 16 natural unfinished wood pieces, sandpaper, a pack of starter candy and our step-by-step instruction guide with full color photos.

How long does it take to complete the Candy Tower woodwork kit?

The Candy Tower kit typically takes an hour or more to build. We recommend taking you time as you sand each piece for a finished look.

What does your children’s tool set include?

Our deluxe kids tool set includes an 11" claw hammer, 10' tape measure, 6" pliers, 8" Phillips screwdriver, 8" flat screwdriver, 8" adjustable wrench, 9" magnetic level, safety glasses, durable plastic tool box and a real leather adjustable tool belt.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders of kids woodworking kits and tools?

You bet! We offer discounted prices on all our woodworking kits in 10 and 20 packs. If you are a camp, church or group interested in a larger quantity please reach out to us directly and we would be happy to work with you. We regularly provide orders of 100-500 kits.

How complicated are your kids DIY woodworking kits?

f woodworking kits come with an easy to use instruction packet with full color pictures for each step. We created these simple walk-through instructions with kids in mind. We always recommend working alongside any child to not only make sure they safely build, but that you also create memories together.

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