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Our Story

Who We Are

SparkJump is a small, family-owned business. Our high-quality kids woodworking products inspire kids and adults of all ages to build amazing things together. We want everyone to experience the joy of creating something special with someone special.

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to spark imagination. We have fond childhood memories of learning woodworking alongside our parents and grandparents. More than just a skill, we gained a passion and a sense of accomplishment. Pride in our work. As parents, we wanted to share that experience with our own kids. After searching far and wide for quality kids woodworking activities and kits — ones with real wood and clear instructions — we rolled up our sleeves and decided to make our own. That can-do spirit drives our whole company today.

Why Does What We Do Matter?

It matters because we all need to make time to slow down — and unplug. Reconnect with people, in person. Make something with your hands that can’t be bought off a store shelf. Get back to basics and teach our kids to create, not just consume.

Who Loves Our Woodworking kits?

FAMILIES – Kids, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles — no one’s more important than the folks you love. Our woodworking kits create a bridge across generations, a fun activity that two (or more!) can enjoy. In the end, what gets built is far more than a birdhouseor other project: it’s a bond, memory, moment, relationship, and a sense of accomplishment.

HOBBYISTS – Whether you’re retired or a weekend warrior, there’s a kid inside you. Our kits are a great way to try your hand at woodworking. Grab a hammer. You’re going to have some fun.

TEACHERS AND YOUTH GROUPS – Our children's woodworking kits can be bought in bulk, so that anyone who works with bunches of kids — teachers, scout leaders, camp directors, youth group leaders, etc. — can provide a fun, safe activity that keeps ‘em busy while building fine-motor skills, focusing attention, and stretching creativity.

RETAILERS/E-COMMERCE PARTNERS – It’s good to buddy up. By providing a channel for us to sell our quality woodworking products, our partners enable us to reach and inspire even more kids and adults. We offer unique, 100% real wood, Made-in-the-USA products along with highly rated customer service. And since we manufacture all our kits in our own shop, we ship fast. All of that reflects well on our partners, which is important to us.  

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