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Back To School: Great Classroom Activities for Kids

All of the excitement and jitters that come with the first day of school are about to be unleashed. A new school year means a new set of challenges, including learning how to adjust to a brand-new set of routines and peers. The students taken the big "back to school" picture and made it to class, but what should they do on the first day of school after that?

It's critical to incorporate engaging activities into the classroom curriculum to keep students engaged in the material being taught. It's easy to get your students excited and stimulate their imaginations by incorporating fun classroom games into your lesson plan.

Back-to-school activities for kids of all ages are included in this article, so you can find the best ones for your class regardless of what grade you teach.

Classroom Activities For Preschoolers

Junior BirdHouse Woodwork Kit

jr birdhouse kit















You can't go wrong with this Junior Birdhouse Woodwork Kit for any youngster or student. The wood is cedar and is made in the United States to last for years outside! Gifting this to your child or students is a fantastic way to get them thinking and learning new things! If you're looking for a great way to get your kids interested in woodworking, look no further than this junior birdhouse woodworking kit!

Our Junior Birdhouse Woodworking kits include:

  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar wood pieces
  • 60 ml paint set with 6 colors and 2 paint brushes
  • 4oz water resistant silicone wood glue
  • 30 nails, 2 eye hooks for hanging, and 1 oak perch
  • 2 pieces of sandpaper
  • Starter pack of bird feed
  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide

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Students' spelling and subject knowledge are improved, but they also have a lot of fun playing Hangman. You'll only need a whiteboard or chalkboard, and a writing implement.

Select one student from each team to stand in front of the class and think of a word that relates to the lesson being taught (or you could give them a suitable word). Each letter in the student's word is represented by a whiteboard space. Afterwards, the other students in the class try to guess the word one letter at a time (allow one student from each team to guess alternately). If the guesses are incorrect, a hangman is selected (one line at a time). Unless the hangman is completed, the winning team is the one that correctly guesses the word. A new student is then asked to think of a word that is relevant to the game.














Puzzles are an excellent way for students to work together and think abstractly about academic concepts.

Give each group a puzzle to put together after they have been divided up into groups (or simply use table groupings).

Classroom Activities for Elementary School

Minifigure Shelf and Brick Building Tray

minifigure shelf diy for kids















If your students have an interest in woodworking or crafts, the SparkJump Brick Building Block Tray and Minifigure Shelf is an excellent place to start. With the help of this simple woodworking kit, any child can learn valuable life skills. It's even better because this set is Lego-compatible! Get your children off of their devices! Everyone in the classroom can participate in this fun activity!


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This age-old game is a great way to get your students up and moving around the classroom and actively participating in the lesson.

Simply Select a student to stand at the front of the room and perform a word from your list (no speaking allowed). Whatever the word is, the student is supposed to act it out. Afterwards, everyone else in the class has to guess what the student is trying to convey. It's up to you whether or not the rest of the class shouts out their guesses or simply raises their hands. Whoever correctly predicts the next word gets to perform it.

Candy Tower Woodworking Kit

diy candy dispenser















This DIY Candy Dispenser is a wonderful activity for children of any age or gender, thanks to its high-quality wood construction from the United States. In the process of making this candy tower, young people can learn valuable life skills. The SparkJump DIY Candy Dispenser woodworking kit is an excellent introduction to crafts and woodworking for children of any age. It is an approved STEM teaching tool. With our gifts, you and your child can create something that will be treasured for generations!

Each Candy Tower Woodworking Kit includes:

  • A 16-ounce plastic mason jar
  • 30 nails
  • 16 natural wood pieces
  • Sandpaper pieces
  • A pack of starter candy

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Classroom Activities for Middle School

Birdhouse DIY Woodwork Kit

diy birdhouse kit















Any child or adult will love this SparkJump DIY Birdhouse Woodworking Kit. Tired of seeing your child's face buried in an electronic device? Our birdhouse woodworking kit makes a great present for any youngster who needs a little mental stimulation. It's a great way to bond with your child and create something that will last a lifetime with our woodwork kits! Using real wood and no pre-drilled holes, Sparkjump's children's woodworking kits are a great way for them to learn new skills while having fun. These outdoor birdhouse kits are made to last for many years because of the cedar wood used in their construction. We manufacture all of our products right here in the United States!

Our Birdhouse Woodworking Kits include:

  • Cedar shaker shingles
  • High-Quality wood glue
  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar pieces
  • Decorative half wood slices
  • Cedar handcrafted windows and chimney
  • 30 nails, eye hooks, and sandpaper pieces
  • Starter pack of Bird Feed

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Using a whiteboard or piece of paper, instruct students to create a 6x6 grid and to choose six words or images from a list before drawing/writing them in their grids. In order to mark it off, students must correctly guess a random word from the list you provide (if present). A student completes their grid and shouts 'bingo!' when they describe a different word (you can also award a prize to the first student who gets 3 in a row).

What Did You Do This Summer?

One way to get students to elaborate on how they spent their summer is to assign them the writing assignment "How I spent my summer." Teach your students how to include things they've learned, like new hobbies or places they've visited, as well as more personal experiences they've had.

Purchase DIY Woodwork Kits for your Classroom

Whether you’re a teacher in aMontessori Schoolor a more traditional educational setting, you’re certainly aware summer is coming to an end and you will soon be back in the classroom with a new set of students. While this is an exciting time, it also brings with it the challenge of finding engaging and educational activities to help stimulate your students’ interest. 

Classrooms can benefit from SparkJump's woodworking kits and kids tool sets. Our DIY kits encourage children to think critically and develop lifelong skills through the process of making their own products. Get your hands on our most popular children's woodworking kits byclicking here.