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Where can I get Beginner Wood Projects?

Best Beginner Woodwork Projects for Kids

How about some woodworking projects of your own? It's not as tough as it seems; in fact, it's more easier than you may imagine.

Constructing something out of wood can be scary. Or at least as far as I'm concerned. Once I start cutting, I figure I might as well finish it up. My fear is, if I make a mistake, it will be permanent. 

It's interesting to note that the solution to woodworking anxiety is the same solution to anxiety in many other areas of life: just do it. Check out the projects down below, pick one you like, and then use the materials list to gather everything you'll need to complete it. Depending on your definition of "beginning," ANY of these projects would be a good fit.

Here at SparkJump, we createDIY woodworking projects aimed at children and beginners of all skill levels. 

What is a good first woodworking project?

Start with something that has a lot of straight lines, is what I always tell people. You need a project with straight cuts and easy, straightforward methods of attaching the wood. For this very reason, we suggest ourDIY Birdhouse Woodworking kit orJr. Birdhouse Woodwork Kit. Whether you are looking for a bonding experience with your child, or simply looking to build life-skills for students in your classroom, theSparkJump Beginner Woodworking Kits are a fantastic place for anyone looking to develop a new skill. 

Before You Begin Your Woodworking Project

Before you begin, we have two requests: 1) that you get the appropriate safety gear for woodworking, and 2) that you read the instructions for your woodworking instruments and immediately begin adhering to all of its safety recommendations and regulations. Prepare your wood glue and get ready to scroll down for a list of simple woodworking tasks.

Where to Get Beginner Woodworking Kits

Here at SparkJump, we strive to provide the highest-quality beginning, DIY woodworking projects on the market. Built here in the United States, Our premium woodworking tools for kids encourage creative collaboration amongst builders of all ages. It is our hope that everyone will have the opportunity to share in the thrill of making something beautiful with someone they care about. Shop our entire collection ofDIY Woodworking Kits for Beginners today! 

Birdhouse Woodworking Kit for Beginners

beginner birdhouse woodwork kit

The Do-It-Yourself Birdhouse Woodworking Kit from SparkJump is an excellent present for anybody of any age. Frustrated with your child's incessant screen time? We guarantee that any child who receives our birdhouse woodwork kit will be actively and constructively engaged in the creative process. Our woodwork kits assist develop lifelong skills and provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child and construct something that will last! Sparkjump's woodworking kits for kids are great since they use genuine wood and don't have any holes pre-drilled. Kits for building birdhouses made of cedar wood are weather-resistant and will last for many seasons. Everything we sell is manufactured in the USA.

Our Birdhouse Woodworking Kits include:

  • Cedar shaker shingles
  • High-Quality wood glue
  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar pieces
  • Decorative half wood slices
  • Cedar handcrafted windows and chimney
  • 30 nails, eye hooks, and sandpaper pieces
  • Starter pack of Bird Feed

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Junior Birdhouse Woodworking Kit for Kids

Junior birdhouse woodwork kit

Our Jr. Birdhouse Woodwork Kit makes a great present for kids and schoolkids. The wood is American-made cedar and is rated to withstand the elements for a long time. This is an excellent present for stimulating thought and learning new abilities. This junior birdhouse woodworking kit is a great way to get kids started with woodworking and would be a great addition to any classroom.

Our Junior Birdhouse Woodworking kits include:

  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar wood pieces
  • 60 ml paint set with 6 colors and 2 paint brushes
  • 4oz water resistant silicone wood glue
  • 30 nails, 2 eye hooks for hanging, and 1 oak perch
  • 2 pieces of sandpaper
  • Starter pack of bird feed
  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide


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Candy Tower DIY Woodworking Kit

woodwork candy tower

This Do It Yourself Candy Dispenser is a great present for kids of any age and gender and is made with high-quality wood in the USA. The process of building this candy tower can teach kids important lessons about teamwork and problem solving. The SparkJump DIY Candy Dispenser woodworking kit is an excellent introduction to the world of crafts and woodworking for kids of all ages, and it has been officially recognized as a STEM teaching tool. This woodworking project is also a fantasticactivity for students at Montessori Schools. Each of our presents is an excellent chance to spend quality time with your kid while also making something special that will last for years to com


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