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SAVE now perfect for Fathers Day!


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What Are Some Good Woodworking Projects for Beginners?

Making anything from scratch is immensely fulfilling. For this reason, we rank woodworking as a top hobby. You can make something useful and unique, and you'll feel good about yourself every time you look at it. For children, it enables them to learn life-skills and build their confidence. In addition, it's a fantastic method for saving money without sacrificing the quality of house embellishments or presents. The cost of lumber and tools, over time, will be far less than the cost of purchasing a newly made version of something that can be easily constructed at home.

Building an entertainment center may seem like an overwhelming project for a beginner woodworker. Begin on a modest scale until you reach your comfort level, and then increase it. We firmly believe that learning these life-skills as a kid will pay overwhelmingly positive dividends for the rest of their life!

Birdhouse Kits

TheDo-It-Yourself Birdhouse Woodworking Kit by SparkJump makes a  great present for kids and grown-ups alike. Fed up with your child always having his or her nose in a screen? Any child would benefit from receiving our birdhouse woodwork kit. Using one of our woodworking kits is a great way to teach your child valuable skills and spend quality time together while creating something that will last. Sparkjump's  kid-friendly woodworking kits feature real wood and no pre-drilled holes, so kids may learn valuable new skills. These  birdhouse kits are made of cedar wood and can withstand the elements for many years. Each and every one of our items is manufactured in the good ol' USA!

Our Birdhouse Woodworking Kits include:

  • Cedar shaker shingles
  • High-Quality wood glue
  • 7 pre-cut unfinished cedar pieces
  • Decorative half wood slices
  • Cedar handcrafted windows and chimney
  • 30 nails, eye hooks, and sandpaper pieces
  • Starter pack of Bird Feed


woodwork diy birdhouse kit

Candy Tower Kits

This American-made  DIY candy dispenser is perfect for giving to kids of any age or gender. As they construct their sugar pyramid, kids can pick up some useful lessons.SparkJump's DIY Candy Dispenser woodwork kit is a fantastic introduction to crafts and woodworking for kids of all ages and is certified as a STEM learning tool. Each of our presents is an excellent chance to spend quality time with your kid while also making something special that will be treasured for years to come.

Each Candy Tower Woodworking Kit includes:

  • A 16-ounce plastic mason jar
  • 30 nails
  • 16 natural wood pieces
  • Sandpaper pieces
  • A pack of starter candy


candy tower diy woodwork kit


For any youngster with an interest in woodworking, the  SparkJump Brick Building Block Tray with Minifigure Shelf is an excellent first purchase. Any kid can learn a valuable skill with this  woodworking kit for beginners. More good news: you can use Legos with the set! For parents who can’t seem to get their kids away from the screen, this is an activity everyone in the household can participate in and enjoy.


diy kits shelf woodwork kit

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